BAB Network Canada

BAB – Business Associates Breakfast, is an association of professionals working together towards a common goal of promoting our business interests in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph area of Ontario Canada.

Every member and guest is given a few minutes to describe their business in order for the rest of the members to learn the types of referrals to give.

Each meeting one or two BAB network members give a 10 minute presentation about their business.


BAB Meeting July 6, 2016

Hello All, Good to see you this morning at Cora’s, despite the hike with all the construction etc. I have no idea what it will be like next time either… just look for the pedestrian walk signs. Lance gave an enlightening … Continue reading

BAB Networking Meeting May 25, 2016

Heard a lot of valuable information from our newest member Michael Irwin this morning at the BAB breakfast, he knows his stuff! Good to see Carolyn back and she thanked us all for the lovely flowers and our messages during … Continue reading

BAB Group Meeting May 11, 2016

Hello everyone, Good to see you this morning! Sergey did an informative presentation on SEO and Google rankings and how it all works. You want your website to be on the first page in Google! Chris Koert is back from … Continue reading

BAB Meeting Apr 27th, 2016

So nice to see many of you yesterday and we missed those who were unable to come due to family situations and illness.  Hope to see you in 2 weeks.   We had 2 guests, Michael Irwin, a financial planner … Continue reading

BAB Networking Meeting March 30 2016

Good to see your smiling faces this morning

Great presentation by Susan Kemp and really got me thinking about my “collectibles” and really nobody wants them or would even appreciate them the way I did. Susan’s question was “What is our most prized possession? – inanimate”.

We welcomed Norah Nasturas and enjoyed hearing about her and she is wanting to join our group. Our plumber Chris is still off doing school and will be back in another month or so.

In 2 weeks  we shall hear from Susan McQuay and also Carolyn.

Take good care and keep in touch!

Warmest regards,


BAB Meeting March 16 2016

Great presentations this morning from Michael and Jenn. We always learn so much from our members! The question of the week from Michael was What was your first camera? I liked the new morning menu at Cora’s, did you? Today … Continue reading